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    Default Driveway too narrow to subdivide?


    I'm considering subdividing and building a new house on the back of the property (in Auckland). I want to use the existing driveway to service the rear property, but I think it's slightly too narrow where it goes past the existing house. (The Unitary Plan says driveways need to be 3m legal width and 2.5m formed width. My driveway is hard up against the boundary, and while the formed width is always >2.5m, over a very small area (a couple of metres) the driveway is "squeezed" between the house and boundary and the legal width is slightly under 3m (~2.86m)).

    Just wondering how finicky the council is with these rules, i.e. are they likely to stop me subdividing because the driveway's slightly less than 3m wide at one point? FYI there's no other way to provide rear access to the site without moving the house.

    Thanks in advance for any advice

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    I know of one developer who was told no to a request to do the same thing in Wellington (different regional authority). His solution was to 'shave' 20cm off the corner of the existing house. Much cheaper than moving it.

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    I know of one case where a 50m x 3.5 row was approved for 5 houses v 6 m. Inappropriate in my view as regards access but it seems departures can go through. The only way is to try after consulting a planner and surveyor.

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    'shaving' the house is normal

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    I've been told 2.7m is ok, mine is 2.4m Might be worth talking to a consultant.


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