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    Default Airsorted to manage property on Airbnb

    My tenant is moving out of my Auckland house (3 bedroom) and I've noticed more properties on Airbnb overall, so I'm considering this as an option rather than as a rental.

    Because I don't live nearby I would need to have someone local to manage the bookings, cleaning, general overseeing, and Airsorted seems to fit the bill.

    Has anyone had any experience with Airsorted? Also pros v cons for short term holiday let or renting to a tenant again? The potential to earn more is there with short term holiday let, as is damage perhaps, but as it's located away from the CBD (close to Botany area) the type of guests would be different.

    Any feedback from those who have experience with holiday let and management would be appreciated.

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    Two words: Market saturation.

    I'd be hesitant to jump onto the AirB&B bandwagon- you costs (eg cleaning etc) aren't that cheap and the amount of properties flooding the market is suppressing returns. Not sure it is worth the hassle anymore- there have been a few threads lately on it but as far as I can see more people renting at crazy low prices to try to get established means less returns for most and harder and harder to get your property noticed. I could of course be wrong but I'd be very wary of AB&B these days and do my due dilegence before jumping in. Possibly also find out what your local council is proposing to do- some are looking at severely limiting use on Air B&B etc.

    I have rented my bach till recently through bookabach, a lot less competition to get noticed where it is located and targeting a different demographic (NZ families for traditional weekend/holiday breaks) and staying well away from Air B&B- was more than happy with the returns from BaB, but while overseas was easier to put it back into a one year fixed term rental. When I return home next Feb not sure what I'll do at this stage but will probably put it back onto BaB eventually and use it myself quite a bit but not 100% sure.

    Back to your thoughts, with the shortage of rentals I'd probably be inclined to keep it as a regular rental, guaranteed income once you get good tenants sorted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Courham View Post
    Possibly also find out what your local council is proposing to do- some are looking at severely limiting use on Air B&B etc.
    I wonder how well this will work, in practice. I hear that there are quite a few alternatives to bookabach and air b&b.
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    I rented out a modern 1 bedroom with garage in Mount Maunganui near beach property from Nov 17 to March 18. I undertook the cleaning myself. I didnt make enough to warrant my time, not to mention the inconvenience for me that I had to be around to clean inbetween, and wash towels and sheets. Additionally I paid the power and water which a tenant would normally be paying. And when they dont pay, things like air con are left on all the time. The advertising is all hype. I was almost solidly booked Jan and Feb but the rest was so so, even when I reduced price. Air BNB suggested stupid prices too. $50 per night? Yeah right. If I paid a cleaner I would have definately earnt less than a rental. I think I made $500 more in that time than a rental.


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