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    Default What does 6,000 new homes actually mean?

    One of the so called 'big winners' in the budget is 6400 new state homes over the next 4 years.

    But looking back at the 2017 Housing NZ report, 1524 new homes were delivered in that year anyway. So 1524 *4 = 6,096. So under normal operations it seems that Housing NZ would build close to 6,000 anyway!

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    What are doing Ross, you should know data and truth have no place in politics & media.
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    I truly believe that by achieving this, labour will guarantee (6096*2.5)*2.7 (a total of 41,148) votes, 6096 being the annual supply over their term, minus the first year wasted in talking and a little planning, minus the last 6 months campaigning when they should be governing.

    Place this alongside the massive increase in healthcare and education budgets, which will no doubt go to salaries and not improving conditions (because those salaries are so far behind comparatives in Australia), they are securing happy faces for the next election.

    So based on the most recent figures I could find, they would secure a minimum of 47,254 (2008) happy teacher votes, 45,460 (2010) happy nurses votes making a total of 92,714 happy people direct beneficiaries of this budget.

    Somewhere around (but likely above when accounting for annual increases in employed numbers of nurses and teachers since 2008/2010) 133,682 people will directly benefit from this budget.

    133,682 happy teachers, nurses and people that get to buy homes, either on the cheap (and we know what goes with that, government oversight or not), or having Phil Twyford as your neighbor and Co-owner.

    133,682 happy faces to go against all of the farmers, genuine property investors (minus speculators), young people who have worked their butts off, do not use the education system, are of little to no burden whatsoever to the health system, the miners, the gas and oil workers who face a bleak future in NZ, the people on the maximum tax bracket watching continually huge payouts from government to the intergenerational self entitled after government.

    And it is not more government reliance this group would ask for, I would argue it would simply be happier with funding more of what it uses (a pay as you go system) perhaps virtually forcing everyone to have health insurance as they do in Australia.

    As I write this at 215am, I am in a hospital right now, having undergone major surgery paid for using my private health insurance which I have had since I was 22, I am now 33). I do not drive, smoke or drink. I am married without a child.

    The amount I pay in personal PAYE, and in company taxes, compared to the amount I will be receiving from the public system has forced me to schedule a personal evaluation to see if there are other opportunities abroad which would be more appropriate in their treatment of my personal position in life.
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    Teachers aren’t happy. Oops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkeye View Post
    Teachers aren’t happy. Oops.
    Teachers aren't happy at the moment, but I would imagine that the increased spending on education will no doubt be largely allocated to raising salaries, to attract new teachers.

    Unfortunately, teaching for young prospects is largely a Female bias career now, because of all of the harassment/abuse allegations which have been leveled (right in many cases, wrong in others) against mostly men, making it a really scary place for a young man, who might be seen as good looking by girls 6-7 years younger than him once he is out of college, or even doing in class experience towards the end of his degree. Just being accused of sexual harassment, or abuse, appears to be a career ending event now. Again, extremely scary for someone who just put 3 years into a degree. This issue has not been addressed, and leaves mostly only women joining the ranks. With so few men, it really is a great opportunity for women who have already been in education a few years or more to jump into some of those more senior roles in schools, so that they can bring real-world experience into other areas later in their lives.

    It is just my assumption, that at some point, those ladies will be better looked after than we will, and us "old white men" will need to continue to do our best by working within the boundaries granted to try to run our properties cash flow positive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by absoluteproperty View Post
    and us "old white men" will need to continue to do our best by working within the boundaries granted to try to run our properties cash flow positive.
    Family men are in the fire line, not only teachers, etc. because they are the preferred taxpayers, not single households,
    and big earners (overseas companies, etc). Surely they pay for driving a car to work, a mortgage to support a family and are heavily taxed for kids born in poverty and mums who get social support for not disclosing the father who actually should pay.
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    Teachers (and presumably Nurses) will not be happy, as no matter what they get they will believe that they are entitled to 'more'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyernzl View Post
    Teachers (and presumably Nurses) will not be happy, as no matter what they get they will believe that they are entitled to 'more'.
    The usual term is 'deserved'. Compared to? Nobody knows.


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