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    Default Body Corporate Management

    Can anyone recommend a good Body Corporate Management company?

    We are a very small block of 4 townhouses in Auckland (Parnell).

    Our current BC Management won't help us get a few quotes to paint one external facade or any maintenance items for that matter.

    I understand it is not there responsibility to look after the maintenance, but they must have connections to local trades? We as the owners are happy to accept the quotation and deal with the contractors after that.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks all in advance.

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    Pay one of the owners for their time to do it, as in all the BC management? It's not that difficult, just needs someone moderately well organised.

    There are sites like Builderscrack to post jobs and get quotes.

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    Poorly organised people CAN & do arrange quotes. More about getting the most efficient contractors on board from day 1. The question more to do with connections and referral of the excellent/average to useless - trust me there are lots of expensive and poor contractors as there are cheap ones with same results. Each can chew up a lot of time - hence a BC with a few clues might have given couple of pointers


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