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    Default List of apartments with flammable polyethylene cores in their aluminium cladding

    Starting a thread to list the buildings affected here.

    13 buildings in Auckland have been identified.
    103 identified so far in Wellington.

    Apartment buyers warned of 13 Auckland towers with cladding cores like Grenfell

    Source: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/...ectid=12044804
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    Article from Stuff
    All the 13 buildings identified by Auckland Council are high-rise, over 25 metres in height.
    A large number of buildings in Auckland have aluminium panelling, including some with the same polyethylene-filled panels that clad Grenfell Tower.


    And a further 70 buildings under 25 metres in height have ACP panelling, but Auckland Council had not yet determined whether it was PE, or FR aluminium cladding.

    Source: https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/102...nium-panelling
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    Did that article mention it was a paid add by Prendos?

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    Of the 116 buildings on the list, those listed as ACP PE have the cladding with a polyethylene core, like Grenfell Towers.

    They are:
    • Various Auckland Hospital buildings, 2 Park Rd, Grafton;
    • Civic Centre administration building, 8 Henderson Valley Rd;
    • Oceania & Eastern building, 110 Customs St West, CBD;
    • Viaduct Point Apartments, 125 Customs St West;
    • The Spencer on Byron hotel and apartments, 9-17 Byron Ave, Takapuna;
    • Shoal Haven Apartments, 130 Anzac St, Takapuna;
    • Spark Centre, 167 Victoria St West, CBD;
    • PwC Building, 188 Quay St, CBD;
    • TVNZ building, 100 Victoria St West;
    • The Owen Glenn Building at Auckland University, 12 Grafton Rd;
    • Quest Apartment Hotel, 127-137 Hobson St;
    • Dynasty Gardens Apartments, 135-137 Vincent St;
    • An unnamed building at 14-18 Lovell Court, Rosedale;
    • AUT Millennium at 17 Antares Pl, Rosedale;
    • Queens Lodge, 176 Broadway, Newmarket;
    • An unnamed building at 2 Gillies Ave, Newmarket;
    • An unnamed building at 212 Universal Drive, Henderson;
    • A building at 2-38 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn;
    • Kiwi on Queen, 415-427 Queen St, CBD;
    • H47 Apartments, 45-49 Hobson St;
    • An unnamed building at 60 Stanley St, Parnell;
    • An unnamed building at 64 Apollo Dr, Albany;
    • City Garden Apartments, 76-84 Albert St, CBD;
    • Waitakere Stadium, 79-85 Central Park Dr, Henderson;
    • Nautilus hotel/apartments, 9-15 Tamariki Ave, Orewa.


    Source: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/index.cfm?objectid=12068992
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