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    Exclamation Leakages to roof repairs by owners next door to our adjoining properties in firewall

    A double-barrel here open to you all who can offer some solid advice as to what else I can do to proceed please or how to escalate some action.

    Owners next door had repairs done as above to "fix" earthquake firewall repairs and so the repairers(spelling?) had drilled the flashing to my roof but didn't seal them or replace the broken tiles (10). This has resulted in rain water leaking into our side of the firewall and has caused damp and bubbling to my internal walls backing on to the firewall.

    My tenant alerted me last week to hearing a "leaking" and I started by getting an assessment/quote which I now have with photos of the shoddy work.

    I am yet to get a builder in to assess the damage to the interior side of the firewall once the exterior has been done presumably.

    I have phoned, text and emailed the property manager to meet, view, discuss but no reply as I post this.

    First Barrel: Is it their responsibility to repair and pay for the above? Seems No-Brainer to me but just checking ...........

    And second:
    What options for my tenants if the repairs are going to cause upheaval? And again, at whose expense?


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    i would be contacting the owners next door and get them to have their contractor come back and fix your roof at no cost to you

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    I think so too but still no response from next door owners to get it kick started. Grrrrr Thank you.

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    is this unitr titles or freehold?

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    Yes, what sort of buildings are these? Joined up townhouses? Apartments? Crosslease, unit titles?
    Squadly dinky do!

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    My property is freehold - don't know their status. Why do you ask?

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    Its two units joined by the firewall.

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    is it unit title with a body corporate or are freehold? (in other words is there a Body Corporate

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    Hi John, no its not a body corporate. My place is freehold but can't answer for next door. I am perplexed at your question.

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    If it was unit title the issues are the responsibility of the body corporate and cobered under the unit titles Act

    Freehold means this is a civil issue between nieghbours

    I dont understand why they needed to do the work on your roof but it sounds like they trespassed


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