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    Quote Originally Posted by erinak View Post
    My property is freehold - don't know their status. Why do you ask?
    Oh cause you're asking us to help you and so we're trying to understand the situation.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    Thanks but my reply was to another person's response so sorry. The situation is as was stated in my post re: whose responsibility is it if next door arranges to fix their problem butting-up against a joint firewall only to have problems with leakages on my side of the adjoining wall? I believe (with photos of proof of shoddy repairmanship).

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    Thanks John but as it is an adjoining firewall they had to cover both rooves for water prevention but unfortunately they didn't do standard quality workmanship, hence the leakages.
    However, I now feel confident that I am in my rights to expect they will repair all damages caused to my property through shoddy workmanship and I have evidence (photos) to confirm that.
    No reply from property owner or manager to date yet either.


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