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Thread: Land locked

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    NZTA have created a segregation strip between the former driveway & the road. This is to stop access from the road to my property. There is no fence, brick wall. I can walk up it anytime. I could actually drive up it if I wanted to drive over the large curb that is now in place. The funny thing now, is the access is easier now then before as there is traffic lights controlling the intersection. But traffic islands stop me turning right in or out of property.

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    Any chance to sell it to the neighbour nearer to market value, or buy the neighbour's section, now or in the next 5-10 years? It seems like too good an opportunity to miss entirely, and for only $80k your opportunity cost isn't huge.
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    Every reason I could do that & probably will :-)

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    Seems like, for $80k you have a perfect opportunity to erect advertising signage. Good return on that I would suggest.

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    check with council?

    do you have a crossing at the kerb?


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