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    Default Gully Cleaning due to clogging of Tenants' hair balls etc - Tenants responsibility?

    We come across this situation in most of rental inspections.

    The UK site clearly states that Garden care, keeping hedges and cleaning gully traps as tenant's responsibility.

    NZ tenancy services does not seem clarify this . And with our properties in UK it is tenants' responsibility.

    It is not uncommon that the tenants clogged up kitchen waste some time right through to the gully outside.

    Some times Gully is covered with leaves and other garden debris.

    The question is ,who is responsible for cleaning this Gully outside the house.

    Who should clean up the clogging up of bathroom gully outside the house with hair ball , basically from 4 x tenants with long hair?.

    Your thoughts on this is most welcome.

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    Given the pro-tenant socialist leanings of most Adjudicators, I'd say a TT Kangaroo Kourt would rule in favour of the tenants.

    Relying on determinations from other jurisdictions is pointless.

    NZ TT Kangaroo Kourts are often not guided, never mind bound, by precedents set elsewhere, within NZ.
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    Has the gully trap got a cover to keep debris out? If not, best to install one.

    Drano and similar work for hair balls in drains. Even bleach, or vinegar/baking soda. Maybe provide to tenants with instructions.

    Some shower wastes are easier to clean than others.

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    Exactly what Perry mentions, I would say if it went to court the tribunal would rule in their favour.....however do you have it stipulated in your lease that it is the responsibility for the tenant to keep the gully trap clear? How much effort would be involved on keeping it clear because the less effort involved you do have a higher chance of getting it over the line in the tribunal.

    Best to be totally up front with tenants before they sign up and have the best possible relationship with them i.e getting onto repairs as fast as possible as it gives you more leverage for that sort of stuff and they are more willing to 'scratch your back'
    Fraser Wilkinson
    Wellington / Lower Hutt / Upper Hutt / Porirua


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