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    Default Clarke Gayford 'pinned against a boat' by whale shark


    When asked if he was worried about being pinned against the boat, Gayford replied "Nah, I sleep next to something with bigger teeth every night"

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    He won't be able to do that when he's the main caregiver - might as well enjoy it while he can!


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    He'll never be the main care giver.

    There'll be heaps of other nannies/carers.

    He THINKS it will be fun/cool/easy looking after a baby at home, but he has no idea because he hasn't had one yet.

    Jacinda THINKS it will be easy to have a baby and run the country at the same time, but again, this is because she hasn't had a baby yet and so has no idea what it's like.
    Squadly dinky do!

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    Isn't Clarke such a cry baby.
    First it was: 'You people are being mean to Jacinda'
    Now it's: 'You people are being mean to me'
    He's getting tax payer funded free trips around the world and international publicity and unlimited media attention - for doing nothing.
    Grit your teeth, darling, and smile.
    You ain't the bread winner now.


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