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    Default Business Rates Question

    Good morning everyone.

    I know it’s a dreaded subject but I have a quick question about business rates that I’m hoping someone might be able to help me with.

    I have just started a dog day care business and have just received by valuation by the Valuation Office for the building I use. I notice that the valuation is for the building (under £12000) and then under ‘additional details’ it is noted that I have some unsurfaced, fenced land which has an additional value of £2000. I use this field in conjunction with my building for the exercise and entertainment of the dogs on a daily basis.

    My question is this. Is the land (which is adjacent to my building) classed as another building for the purposes of business rates ? In other words, while I am able to claim the small business rate relief on my building (under £12000) and due to the fact that the field is under £2900, will I have to pay the business rates on the field portion of my valuation ? or will they both be added together ?

    Any advise would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks



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