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    Default Is Sound proofing compulsory?

    Hi property investors.

    I have a rental house that has been converted into 2 flats by the previous owner, and the conversion was approved by the council.
    One of the tenant complained that he can hear noise from the tenant in the other unit, and he claimed that it is compulsory to have soundproofing as the 2 units are attached to each other.

    I am confused whether it is compulsory or not? Any suggestion of what kind of soundproof if it is compulsory?

    Thank you

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    It can be an issue with some older house to flat conversions. I'm not sure if it is compulsory but may be worth considering longer term.

    Technically it could fall under 45 (1) (e)
    "take all reasonable steps to ensure that none of the landlord’s other tenants causes or permits any interference with the reasonable peace, comfort, or privacy of the tenant in the use of the premises."

    Would you live in a property where you could hear your neighbours walking down the hall/talking?

    I had a friend put some sort of polystrene sheet then gib between the two flats which seemed to work. There are also some Gib products that have noise reduction properties.


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    Thank you Craig,

    that sounds reasonable. I have asked city council but they have no idea. This forum has much better knowledge

    I have contacted a contractor to have a look for quotation, i think it's better for both tenants and me since it's not too expensive and can be good long term

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    Doesn't matter how much sound insulation you install, if the neighbour makes enough noise it will get through.

    You might be looking at the problem from the wrong end ? Might be cheaper and easier to look at the source ?

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    sound separation is only triggerred when there is a change of use and owner is required to upgrade where there was not a household unit before. So it is not "compulsory"

    It is not a requirement to upgrade existing buildings. Your tenant needs to find a quieter rental preferably a standalone if they are so sensitive?

    polished floors are a curse and gib walls need a gib rail fixing system to avoid transmission

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    You don't need to upgrade until you alter something significant in the downstairs flat.

    That said, it can be worth doing, but it won't be cheap. Do you have any other deferred upgrades you could make at the same time?
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    s112 building act applies to upgrades and doesnt require upgrade for G6 airbourne and impact sound.

    It is all voluntary

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    I'm doing a project now that requires fire-rating the ceiling of the downstairs unit. It seems I have to put a lot more in for acoustics.... is this different?

    Question from Builder -
    Quick question regarding the fire-rating on the floor/ceiling, just curious about the 16mm + 13mm fyreline gib board to be installed - I know that for floor/ceiling fire rating you can just install 16mm fyreline and that is a 60 minute fire resistance rating, is there a specific reason you have added the extra 13mm fyreline as well?

    Reply from architect -
    Unfortunately we need the additional Gib for acoustics. The existing floor upstairs is tongue and groove, which is not part of the Gib tested systems in terms of acoustic ratings. We had to talk to Gib who advised a universal ceiling approach was required, with the additional lining providing enough to gain the required STC ratings

    Quote Originally Posted by John the builder View Post
    s112 building act applies to upgrades and doesnt require upgrade for G6 airbourne and impact sound.

    It is all voluntary
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    Thank you for all the responses, yes i have told the tenant that the conversion was done in accordance to the rules at that time and has been signed off by council, and this new rules might apply only for a new conversion. Good to know that it is voluntary.

    Not planning any upgrades at the moment.

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    Nick G

    you are asking council to create another household unit? This needs upfrade as change of use is involved.

    but I suspect your designer has overcooked the requirements which is usually 30/30/30 fire sepeartaion

    was there a fire report done?


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