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    Default Property manager in Welly

    Hello everyone first of all new to this forum, we currently are looking for an experienced property manager to look after an investment property that we recently purchased in Wellington. Property we bought is in good condition at the moment and we are likely to move into it once our girls grow up (5 to 6 years I would say).

    Just wonder if any reliable property manager or company you would recommend. Heard a lots of good feedback about Quinnovic but also they are most expensive one as well(Pay for what you get)


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    Hi Sean,

    Read a few discussions in the 'property management' forum - there's a couple of WGN property managers who post here regularly.


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    Which suburb mate I know a few and invest in Welly. Cheers

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    Thank you Donna

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    it is in Khandallah. Thanks

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    Quinovic are good and systematic, but depends also on the owner. I am friends with Tom F from their J.Ville office. Also check out Rent Wellington. Niall is outstanding. I use both of these. Both are investors.
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    As a investor, I would suggest choosing a property manager who also invests themselves. Check out the IPMA website (www.ipma.org.nz) for Wellington members & ask some of them if they are seasoned investors.
    I suspect your average employee PM at the other companies won't be as experienced or provide the same level of service as in independent operator.
    The IPMA pre-screen their members so you know you're getting a good one! Good luck & make sure you interview them well to make sure you get value for your PM money

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    Hi Sean, I switched to Shayne from LPM about a year ago. I highly recommend them. Good luck.

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    Thanks all for your contribution!


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