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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSky View Post
    The property may not be weather tight or structurally sound."

    Body Corporate minutes for the building show an Extraordinary General Meeting was held on 21 June this year to consider issues relating to weathertightness in the complex's roofs, balconies and car parks and also issues relating to its structure, fire protection and hydraulic services.
    Yes - Potential problem there, though not one that we knew existed when I purchased. A little annoying. From my understanding there doesn't appear to be any weathertightness issues, but potential structural, who knows. Big report with far too many pictures and pages documenting every tiny paint-flecking, makes it tough to determine what's actually a problem.
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    things are fraught

    8 scotia place had a few leaks in a few B? units at lower floors

    after much humming + harrying

    the suggested repair is to kick everyone out for a year?

    while the entire building is reclad with a curtain-wall system

    and most of the decks covered in

    why not just fix the effected units?

    because it was felt that everything was going to leak eventually

    and better to bring a failed system up to code together

    than bit by bit
    have you defeated them?
    your demons


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