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    Default Right of Way - Do I need permission from my neighbours to add another dwelling ?

    Hi guys,

    I'm planning on adding another dwelling next to my existing dwelling.

    I have consulted with 3 building companies and I get mixed answers. Two of them said I do NOT need permission and one said I do.

    Long story short my property is on a ROW and there are 4 properties down the driveway.

    I own the FIRST two houses down the driveway so I do NOT need to use my neighbour's driveway at all.

    The property is freehold NOT cross-leased.

    What do you guys think ?


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    There's more to it than that. You'll need to look at how the ROW was created. I.e. Who owns he land and what do the easements say?
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    Likely you will need a driveway over 6m wide.
    But if you are talking 7 or more houses, then you may have an issue.

    A building company like Keith Hay Holmes will give you the correct answer.
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    If you were to subdivide and add another dwelling I think you would need permission to alter the ROW (as another title would need access).
    If you are adding something like a MDU then your 'title' has ROW and the MDU would also (as the ROW isn't done by house but by title).
    But I'm not a lawyer so what do I know?


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