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    Arrow Residential Investment Analysis Software for NZ - Applicable in September 2017

    I am new here and looking for Residential Investment Analysis Software or spreadsheets (Not Property management software) that are current and up to date for the New Zealand market. I can see plenty of stuff online that is about 10 years old.

    Do you have any recommendations for software that will allow the assessment of property for investment purposes including things such as:
    1. Yield (Net & Gross)
    2. Expenses (insurance, maintenance, Property pack, property management, Building Inspection etc.)
    3. Mortgage
    4. Rental Income
    5. Positive or Negative Gearing

    Many years ago I remember a product called RevIQ - Here are some details on it:
    RevIQ is packed full of an arsenal of potent features that should equip you with the wisdom to make better real estate decisions saving you time, money and empowering you to identify lucrative investments and avoid bad ones. Easy to use RevIQ provides investors with the intelligence to analyse, track, manage and get Internet evaluations on real estate across Australia and New Zealand at the click of a button from one single software product.
    Anyone know where I can purchase that type of product today?

    Thanks for your help


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    Jeez, just whip it up in a spreadsheet.

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    if you really don't want to do it with spreadsheet, you could try this one: http://www.lifeonline.co.nz/

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    Real Estate Investar have a suite of tools but I haven't dug into them.
    Free online Property Investment Course from iFindProperty, a residential investment property agency.


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