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    Not sure what stimulus you are referring to but we went to Chch about 2 months before the 1st earthquake and it was as dead as a dodo. Sad to say but economically that was the best thing that could have happened as far as the City was concerned. It hums now, has awesome cafes, restaurants, shops and commercial buildings with heaps more to come.
    Southern Response and Stream to name 2 PMO's provided employment to project managers, administrators and then all the follow on trades and suppliers. Rents went through the roof post earthquake, house prices inflated due to a shortage of unbroken homes. We couldn't even find a place to buy and add value as EQC and the insurers were already doing that for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nano View Post
    How quickly will this be abolished if Labour gets in?
    I wonder whether I should give notice before the election day.
    Wouldn't you just give notice when you wanted to move a person on?
    Why wait for election day or later?

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    I gave notice and worry about the possible consequences... (damage, drug use)
    House inspection can be done only once a month.
    I just hope that the tenant moves on without trouble.

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    In Europe, where long term tenancies are more normal, how are alterations by the tenant managed/approved?

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    Because the Tenants supply and install their own floorcoverings light fittings cabinets appliances and wall finishes at their own cost, they can alter those whenever they like. All they cannot do is shift the interior walls.


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