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    Well then how about these for starters.

    Once a tenant misses their rent at what stage do you contact the tenant.
    At what stage or time do you issue a 10 notice.
    After issuing the 10 day notice when do you apply to the tribunal.
    When the tenant fails to pay the agreed rent and arrears when do you typically evict them.
    What do you do when you find the tenant has a dog or noisy parties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benz1
    I guess I should volunteer as I started the thread off... will try to do it over the weekend. Can you PM me an email address to send it to?

    Yay! Thanks Ben. I will PM you my email address now!


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    I like Glenn's suggestions. They cut to the quick. The question sheet is just soooooo long. You may even find your business being turned away if you barrel prospective property managers with so many pages of questions. Pain-in-the-butt landlords who look like over-pedantic newbies can be as much of a headache for property managers as misbehaving tenants.

    Hey so it's a Monday morning and I am feeling outspoken. :-)

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    That is so right.
    I have been known to sack the occasional owner,
    I had someone ring last week. They rang because someone they trusted told them to ring me.
    They lost interest in talking to me when they found I charged 1/2 percent more than the competion.
    On a typical $280 PW property that amounted to $70 per year. So they will go off to a cheapy and wonder why they only get 40 weeks rent.
    I have someone else nibbling that also came as a result of a referal (almost all do). They have their complete block empty and have all sorts of problems. (they say) Yet they wanted two references. I ask you. I think they are the only clients that have asked for this. The person that told them to come to me surely should have been sufficient. He after all is a proffessional property adviser. So really folks for the most of the time.
    Forget the hype. Go for someone that your friends or someone you trust has recommended.
    Make sure that your friend has a similar property to yours. No point in comparing apples with pears.

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    Does the PM question sheet still exist?


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