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    Quote Originally Posted by Nzdan View Post
    We have a third bedroom we aren't using. Maybe if enough people list their spare bedrooms on trademe as relocatables someone could stitch them together elsewhere and voila problem solved.
    We have 4 that we aren't using - and no one is going to have them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Kane View Post
    Those pods would be dry, warm and not draughty?
    Seem to meet the WOF requirements.
    gold plated or nothing!

    after all council aren't paying
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Auckland CC is looking into the sleeping pods.

    "We will investigate this further to determine whether the pods, and how they were being advertised, breach any Building Code, resource consent or Auckland Unitary Plan rules."

    The Body Corporate is not too happy either as the number of potential tenants will increase use of lifts and utilities. Apartment is on the ground floor, but perhaps the BC is worried that others will follow. Would the BC rules include maximum number of tenants in a unit?

    The apartment is large.

    Maybe the owner should turn the pods into storage units and install the same number of bunk beds, or allow hot bedding. What's the difference, apart from the level of technology?



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