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    Default Knowing birthdate for Attachment order

    If you do not know the tenant's birthdate, you can't lodge the attachment order form to get the money back.
    I see now the bond lodgement form asks the birthdate for the first time.
    If it is that important, why does tenancy agreement form not ask that particular information?
    Even though I can provide the current address, workplace and other information, the court staff says WINZ can't find who without the birthdate.
    I simply can't understand this. Is it so difficult to find that out who it is? Why would they make this process so difficult?

    By the way, do you know how to find out birthdate?

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    We do have problems with inherited tenancies where the previous landlord has done very little research on the tenant.

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    Keys (self moderating)

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    Internal Affairs dept (birth deaths, marriages) may be able to help. Ph 0800225252. Saw there is a section on obtaining another persons BC, subject to a fee and couple other things.
    Most PMs get to avoid this by asking for photo ID re licence/passport pre tenancy as part of the tenancy application. Private LLs should do same.
    That said last time I did an Attachment Order noticed the form also asked for tenants IRD number which is something we hadnt obtained pre tenancy.

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    People with the same name get mixed up all the time. People move, change jobs and/or phone numbers. DOB is an easy way to confirm you have the right Mr or Mrs X and it doesn't change.

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    I rang up the internal affairs, but they could not help because of 'privacy'. Personally I think if there is a 'court order, they should be able to help with this. They provide the service to business who needs to find the information, but not to an individual. I am a WINZ supplier - 'business', but Internal Affairs won't consider this as 'business'.
    There is a way to get this info through the court that I was told by the staff. Ones has to apply 'Assessment of Financial hearing' $80. With this court contact the debtor and make them fill in the form that requires 'birthdate'. Court then knows the birthdate and can let me know the birthdate.
    The last thing that i consider is to ask any investigation and/or debt collections service. I made an enquiry for the cost for just getting the birthdate.
    While doing this, I found that USA sites has nationwide search was quite open to public. Anybody who pays some money can find out people's background.
    By the way, I noticed that the bond form that I filled in recently requires 'birthdate' of tenant, which is great. So, from now on LL won't have this trouble anymore, unless court changes their policy to something different.

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    Many years ago I queried the requirement for myself to supply a birthdate.
    The answer that I got was that full name, date of birth, and occupation form your full legal identity.

    Therefore it is quite in order to ask for all three of these in order to legally ID someone.

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    Internal Affairs reply:

    Thank you for your email.

    To request information from a birth record, you will need to provide the subjects full name and date of birth. You will also need to provide your own photo identification.

    Our records are held in date order, so we need to know the year in which the event occurred.

    If you cannot supply the exact year, you have several options:

    We can search our records for you for an additional fee of NZ$25.00 for the first three years searched, and NZ$1.00 for each extra year.
    You may be able to find the year via other family members’ records.
    Your public library may hold microfiche copies of our BDM index records.
    You can search our historical index records on our website <https://www.bdmhistoricalrecords.dia.govt.nz/Home/>

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    IRD numbers does not work, but WINZ number works without birthdate.


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