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    Default Auckland Property Investors Association - 1st August

    Panel presentations by Nichole Lewis, The Property Lifestyle

    Auckland Girls Grammar School, 14 Howe Street Freemans Bay
    Doors open 6.30pm
    Doors close 7.30pm

    When technology grows your ambition and innovation takes you right where you want to be.

    For some time PropTech has been advancing at an unprecedented rate. Hardly surprising. We are living in an economy fuelled by Internet-savvy consumers with a specific hunger for information and a penchant to seek out the next it. All around us, businesses are embracing and thriving with technology demonstrating once and for all that tradition and technology cannot afford to be suspicious of one another for when that happens is when the barriers to success and growth become too hard to break through.

    So as we charge toward a tech saturated future where every aspect of our lives is becoming infused with some kind of device or application, the question becomes: What does all of this mean to a property investor? It is an assurance that new thinking will lead to opportunities and solutions that can break down the traditional boundaries of property investment. It is an encouragement and an affirmation that private investors can engage safely with PropTech to expand your growth horizon. It is a timely reminder that none of us invest in a vacuum; the force of PropTech is too large to be ignored and you would be better of engaging with it on your own terms because the other option is simply unfathomable.

    This keynote is all about how private, small-to-medium-sized property portfolios can embrace the changing PropTech landscape and become successful. Long time investor-trader, speaker, property entrepreneur, and tech enthusiast Nichole Lewis will show you what can happen when you blend together the traditions of investment with the future of innovation and technology. You will be invited to marvel at some of stronger innovative trends currently playing out on the global real estate stage to anticipate the trajectory of the NZ real estate market. This keynote will cover:

    • How do NZ investors stay in front of the PropTech curve;
    • The latest developments in AI and VR and the potential as well as opportunities in store for property investors;
    • Upcoming market disruptors that are set to change the way people invest in properties in the next 10-20 years and what does that mean for you on a micro- level;
    • Practical tips on how to interact meaningfully with PropTech, the differences between using PropTech as a tool to get to your goals vs being a mindless consumer in that space, how to maintain the human-element of property investing in a technological age;
    • How to think long-term and think global with technology;
    • How can technology build-on and further the traditional principles of property investment in the modern age;
    • When information becomes more abundant and the playing field is leveled for all investors, what does that mean for the competitive economy we are in?


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