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    you are correct. I got it wrong..

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris W View Post
    Can't really compare the median house selling price of $810,000 with the average house selling price of $968,570 at the peak - they're two different numbers and not directly comparable. Here is the excerpt from the interest.co.nz article:

    "The agency's median selling price was $810,000 in July, down $30,000, or 4%, compared to July last year, and down $90,000, or 10%, from its peak of $900,000 In March.
    The average selling price was $908,319 in July, down from its peak of $968,570 in March, but still ahead of the July 2016 average of $867,681"

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    I wonder how much of the hype around falling sales is that more cheaper houses are changing hands, skewing the numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don't believe the Hype View Post
    Kbkiwi - when were you last in Cannons creek? Maybe you should come past for a coffee? My shout.

    Unrenovated houses i I used to buy circa 2015 for $180k now selling for $300k, on 700m2 - 1200m2 sections which can now be subdivided into 2 or 3 house lots. Rents that were $220/wk now $350/wk.
    hmmm...those subdivisible sections actually do sound attractive. What sort of houses are you putting on them?

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    Relocated ex state houses - they look like they've always been there vs. cheap kit set new builds. Fully renovated with new kitchen/bathroom, insulation, heat pump they'll rent for $500-$550/wk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris W View Post
    Quick survey

    For residential property investors who expect their investment property to remain essentially unchanged for the next 10 years (i.e no section subdivision, no addition of a new residential dwelling, no garage conversion into dwelling), may I ask you 3 questions:

    ----- Answers below -----

    1) what is your property's current gross rental yield? - 5.5% (purchased at 250K, rented at $310 pw and considering expenses)
    2) what organic growth (via rental rate increases) in rentals are you expecting per year for the next 10 years? maybe $10 a year? CHC is flat since the last couple of years but I think longer term this will be OK.
    3) what do you believe will be the gross rental yield on your Auckland property in 10 years time?
    - Not in AKL but it should be close to 8% at least.

    I read the discussion above but am still unclear what you are trying to say about CG v/s yield :-O
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