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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluekiwi View Post
    I am selling some trade properties at moment, then do a bit more of that next year

    But very good time to be buying rentals for long term hold

    And if the axis of stupidity do in fact bring in CGT on NEWLY purchased Capital.
    Will be a very big boom of buying to get in before that.

    Is it still tough to get tradies at the moment?

    the margins and risks are getting bigger right now.

    I am holding off any buying until late next year

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    Auckland/Melbourne/ whereever the money is


    Quote Originally Posted by Don't believe the Hype View Post
    is this on TM? - I had a similar situation where my views were through the roof. I’ve recenly been told that each photo that is viewed is counted as one view. So if one person looks at 10 pics you’ve uploaded that takes your views to 10.
    Yes TM. Will see on Sun how many turn up to open day.
    21 watchers & 20 pics so maybe each pic is a view

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    I'm selling 3 this year and just bought 1


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