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    Why not talk ring the tenancy tribunal describe the situation and see what they say. You don't need to lodge a claim after you talk to them. Their advice is free.

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    I can appreciate now why many people might have a reluctance to escalate matters, as it's not a nice process really for anyone involved. Nevertheless the wheels are in motion now, and judging by LL's continued refusal to negotiate fairly and reasonably it's looking likely this will end up at the Tribunal.

    I will refrain from posting any further information for now, at least until after the dust clears.

    Thanks again for the advice.

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    I was in the same situation with a rental in Christchurch years ago. Property was originally house with separate garage/sleepout. Landlord separated house and garage with a fence so he could run his business out of the garage/sleepout and rent out the house.

    He never split the power off, and never notified us of this set up. 3 months of unusually high power usage during the day (gas hot water and us being a working couple) we approached the PM with out suspicions who then received confirmation from the owner.

    He had installed a meter in the garage and subsequently reimbursed us his usage each month but I have to wonder if we were clueless about power consumption whether we would have subsidised his whole businesses power costs.

    The lengthy email correspondence did come in handy as ammunition at the end of the tenancy when the PM attempted the typical bond clawback on "rental damages", all of which were noted on the pre tenancy inspection form that I also kept a copy of, as well as emails early on in the tenancy notifying them of pre existing damage that needed fixing which was never actioned.


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