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    Feasibility Report – Identify Restrictions and Opportunities.

    Initial Due Diligence:
    Geomap, District Plan, Titles, LIM, Property Bag
    Unitary Plan Zone, Minimum lot size, maximum building height and coverage

    Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE)
    Existing subdivision patterns, Buildings, trees, boundaries, any features relevant to subdivision
    Site Area, site access, parking and driveway.
    Driveway Width: 3 meter for 1 site, 3.5 Meter for 2-5 site, 6.5 meter for 6-10 site

    Heritage or streetscape character, Protected natural area
    Contour, Overland Flow Path, Flood Assessment
    Land stability especially in slope area. Soil contamination Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI).
    Infrastructure Capacity (e.g. sewerage, Stormwater, water supply) and reduction in privacy
    Historical use of Land.

    Other Assessment:
    Covenant, Right of Way, Easements.
    Overshadowing of properties, reduction in privacy, traffic, noise and vibration.
    Demography and Community, Cultural significance to iwi.

    Nearby High voltage Power Line &Transformer Box
    Nearby Cell phone tower Locations. State housing Locations.

    Pre-Purchase Due Diligence:
    Soil contaminating testing: Especially in agricultural and industrial area.
    Detailed Site Investigation (DSI), Remediation Action Plan (RAP), Site Management Plan (SMP)
    Pesticide, Asbestos, Heavy metals eg; arsenic, cadmium, copper, chromium, nickel, lead, zinc and mercury

    Profit & Time Estimate: Compare different subdivision layout, Infrastructure network and House Designs.

    Resource & Building Consent
    Surveyor and architect to collaborate on where to position lot boundaries gives you the best chance to design a house that complies with as many of the Plan rules as possible. Push some of these rules in order to get a good design outcome – often rule infringements can be supported if the objectives and policies of the Plan are being
    - Maximise subdivision and housing potential on a non-notified basis.
    - Minimise roads, piped networks and earthworks.
    - Larger more complex developments this would be done by an urban designer.
    - Assessment of effects
    - Non-notified consent is required to be processed within 20 working days (assuming no further info is required).
    - Notified consent, 3-6 months delays, Costs to advertise, Council hearing charged, professional fees to provide evidence at the hearing.

    General Reports: Site Survey / Topographical Report, Drainage Inspection Report (CCTV), Infrastructure Assessment Report, Land Management Report, Geotechnical Report, Soil Contamination Report, Planning Report

    Site-Specific Reports: Structural Engineering, Flood Report, Arborist Report, Acoustic Report, Traffic Report.

    Progressive Council meetings: Architect, Scheme Plan & Concept House Design, Engineering Design, Earthworks / Site works Design, Drainage Design, Access / Right of Way Design.

    Stormwater Design: Water Sensitive Design (WSD), Low Impact Design (LID).
    Primary source: Contain flow in pipes and channels. Secondary source: Protect flow paths.

    - Apply Land Use Consent and s348 Right of way Certificate with Recourse Consent
    - s92 Requests for information, s357 Prepare objections if required
    - Procurement contracts, NZS3910 ( Contractor’s Bond, Payment Schedule, Liquidated damages, Time extension, Variation, Insurance)
    - Land Transfer Survey for LINZ (optional, can do after completion)

    Design soft and hard landscape features in the subdivision
    This includes entranceways, gates, road, recycle areas, recreational trails, stands of trees, amenity and mitigation planting, native revegetation.
    Provide planting plans; plant schedules; and landscape maintenance programmes.
    Consider catchment management, site ecology and sustainability issues

    After Resource Consent Granted
    - Reviews conditions of consent
    - Applicant has 15 days from granting of consent to object against any conditions imposed by Council
    - Conditions may require further approvals to be obtained eg. Engineering Plans or Discharge Permit

    Civil Works - Apply power and water connection 6 weeks in advance.

    General Sites: Preparation and installation for Wastewater and Stormwater, Access / Right of Way, Services to the boundary (power, gas, water, phone)
    Obtain compliance certificates from Council and other service providers
    Preparation of as-built plans

    Site Specific: Earthworks, Retaining walls, Remove existing structures, Removal or protect vegetation

    Preiminary & Generald
    H&S: SSSP, JSA, PPE, Take 5, Toolbox talk, hazard board, noise, dust, asbestos, trenches, excavation radius, trench benching
    Access Permits, equipment, facility, materials, survey marks, contractor supervision and admin, traffic management
    Orange Mesh, safety fencing, security fence,
    Quailty assurance testing, Record all “as build” for all works,

    Sediment and Erosions Control
    4m wide stablised site entrance, stabilizes spillway,
    straw mulch crimling, Hay Bale Barrier, silt fence, super filt fence
    pipe drop structure, flat pipe to extend decant outlet
    top soil / clay bunds
    filter sox, cesspit protections, sweep adjoining road, suppress dust nuisance,
    Hydro seeding

    Stockpile, landfill, compact, relocate, disposal, spread topsoil

    - Visual inspection upon arrival for defects
    - Compact base scoria, Install from bottom up, avoid silpping
    - Small scoria, compact around the piepe, compact top after 1500 mm scoria so not damage the pipe

    PVC and RRJ Rubber Ring Joing Concrete Pipe
    100mm diamater, uPVC, 4.1mm heavy wall pipes
    225 mm and 300mm and 375 mm diameter, Class 2 and Class 4 RRJ pipe 0-3 m deep
    375 mm > 3 m deep, Addition CCTV ad traffic management cost
    trenching shield, nova coil, stormwater manholes, lid, filter bypass manhole, stormwater360 treatment device, Single and double cesspits
    100m and 150mm diameter saddle on 225 m diamager and larger pipes
    Remove existing SW line and SWMH
    Test lot connections, CCTV Survey of completed stormwater network
    uPVC Sanitary Sewer Piple, 6mm heavy wall pipes,
    Remove exciting, public SS sanitary sewer line, temporary diversion, test SS Manhole
    Heavy dutiy lid and internal dropper,
    100mm diameter stub connection to concrete manholes
    100mm & 150mm diameter saddle on 150mm diameter and larger pipes
    Test lot connections, CCTV Survey of completed wastewater network

    Water Reticulation:
    Watercare Approved Contractor, Water Supply Pipe, riser, gibaults
    Meter bank, Meter Box, gate valve, water ducts
    Power and Telecom
    Street lights, pilot cable, light sensors, electrical ducts, Ribonet ducting

    Uplift, Stockpile and removal of contamination soil
    Clean down contaminated machinery as required by Worksafe
    Geotextile cloth to weak subgrade.
    Extra over cost to increase "Joal" to 190mm thick 30mpa concrete
    Acid sulphate soil, soft soil, saturated soil

    Dispose existing parking bays and kerbs,
    Scoria, construct concrete access lane,
    Slip formed mountable kerb, slip formed vertical kerb, reinstatement of road pavement
    Parking Bays, kerb and nib around parking bays
    Commercial Vehicle Crosssing, 175 mm thick, 20Moa on 100mm GAP40
    Residential Vehicle Crosssing, 150 mm thick, 20Moa on 100mm GAP40

    New Title
    Field survey and calculations to define existing boundaries
    Calculation of new boundaries
    Pegging of subdivision
    Preparation of Land Transfer Plan and supporting documents; also referred to as e-survey plans

    Lodgement of Land Transfer Plan with Council for endorsement – Section 223 Application
    Lodgement of Plan and supporting documents with LINZ for approval

    When engineering work is complete, engineers prepare asbuilt drainage plans, final inspections, application to Council for Section 224(c) approval. – 3 weeks

    Council processes and approves Section 224(c) certificate. – 4 weeks
    Prior to approval of Section 224(c), Surveyors have obtained Survey Approval from LINZ.
    Solicitor submits 224 Certificate and other relevant documents with LINZ to obtain new Titles.

    Parallel Processing: LINZ now simultaneously examines the plan and deposit documents if they are lodged together. This procedure requires consultation between surveyor and solicitor.
    LINZ processes application and issues new Titles. - 3 weeks

    S.223 Certificate must be signed within 5 years from the date of issue of the subdivision consent.
    S.224 Certificate must be lodged with LINZ within 3 years from approval of the plan under S.223.

    Can either apply s223 certificate on its own as soon as your surveyor has drawn up Title Plan, or wait and lodge it at the same time as your s224c application.

    If installing new services that sit within easement boundaries, it is better to wait and lodge your section 223 and 224c applications together so you can guarantee that all the new pipes have been installed in the right places and that they match up with where they’re shown on the title plan.


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