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    We're about to renovate - just finalised the design and half the house is board and batten. We're replacing the roof and have an addition at the rear of the home. The architect didn't want the eaves look where the flat roof slants downwards over the new addition - however I have asked for the eaves all the way around the house. It just makes sense to be overly cautious and in particular to have the overhang where the water runs off (in huge downpours) - without running down the side of the house.


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    Quote Originally Posted by John the builder View Post
    if the house has adequate eaves then the walls dont get wet and the flashings are not tested? Even 600 eaves will keep bottom storey dry.

    Buildingpaper shouldnt be considered a line of defense?
    If rain always fell in a perfect vertical trajectory then eaves would indeed give excellent protection. The problem is that rain is often wind-driven. It's raining in Auckland right now - out my window I can see the side of my neighbours (eaved) house, the cladding and flashings are very wet indeed. Building paper is absolutely considered a line of defense - for those unfamiliar with concepts like capillary action, pressure differentials and convection, take a look at the technical documentation here:


    Is it in fact expected that water will make it's way past your cladding as a matter of course. Of course eaves are nice, don't get me wrong, but there is a lot more to it.


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