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    Default Property Managers - How many properties they manage?

    How many properties does one property manager manage?

    How many properties does one company manage?

    How many is an an acceptable amount to let your property be managed by them?

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    Look at what you think a PM should earn,
    think about how much time they shoukld spend per property,
    look at the average fee per property and add it up from there.

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    Most PM's I use have between 100 and 200. Over 200 they usually have a full time assistant.

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    I've heard up to 120 is fine and beyond that it can get hard and good operators will try to bring in more management. If you do inspections every 3 months 120 is more than one per day on average. If you have exceptional systems you can go higher, I'd take a well run operator at 150 over a disorganised person at 80 any day of the week.
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    There is no exact number that is an ideal amount that a property manager can manage as there are a lot of variables to take into account.

    Sort of variables are as follows;

    a) How well maintained the properties are

    b) What the owners are like in terms of how much they want to be across matters and what their policy is for authorising maintenance

    c) Distance between properties
    Fraser Wilkinson
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    Some big numbers thrown about. I wouldn't ask a property manager to manage 150+ properties on their own.

    I would add the following variables to Fraser's list:

    d) Property type, apartments/houses/lifestyle.
    e) Portfolio based (one person everything) or pod (split per inspections/letting/maintenance/etc).
    f) Pay structure for PM, commission vs salary. Rents will dictate fees, so the bigger centres will see higher fees but also higher competition (and standards!?)
    g) Company with support person for admin (reconciling banking, water rates, etc), payroll, company office/infra/etc, versus one man band (holidays somehow?)



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