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    Default Subdivision: shared drive way & distance between houses

    We are in the process of subdividing our family home of 840sqm in West Auckland. Flat land, mixed housing urban zone. The existing house (single level) will be moved to the rear and renovated.

    I have chosen to stay with the existing house as this is the house I helped build with Dad. My sibling is building new at the front.

    The new house will be two level 100sqm each level.

    The shared drive way takes up a portion of the available land space for the front section. Does that mean the rear section would have to give up the same land area (of the shared driveway) to cover the loss of land from the shared drive way?

    My other concern is due to the height of the two level build, we lose sunlight to the front of the existing house. What is the minimum distance the two houses can be close to each other?

    The main feature of the existing house was the large deck that flows out from the front. As it would now be viewing directly into the rear of the front house we are thinking of turning the house 180* but then lose the sun into the house.


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