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    Default Auckland Property Investors Association - 9th May

    Keynote presentations by Sharon Zöllner and Graham Ansell, ANZ

    Auckland Girls Grammar School, 14 Howe Street Freemans Bay

    Doors open 6.30pm

    Doors close 7.30pm

    Reframing Auckland market challenges with a global perspective

    The current market challenges facing Auckland property investors are by no means unprecedented, though it sometimes feels that way in the midst of the day-to-day grind. The intricacies of the market's dynamics, as well as their complexities, cannot be properly unpacked without a global framework. Much can be learned when we examine foreign markets that are much more matured than our own. With the benefit of context, our decisions can only be made more robust.
    ANZ Senior Economist Sharon Zöllner returns to APIA to do just that - contextualising current challenges in order to hone in on the question Where forth from here.
    Specific talking points include:

    • Outlining of current challenges facing New Zealand and Auckland investors;
    • Contexualising these challenges in terms of the domestic property and economic cycles while addressing observed deviance from traditional patterns;
    • Case study of foreign property markets with historical patterns that paralleled that of what Auckland is going through right now;
    • Examine the efficacy of foreign government and banking regulations towards restoring market balance and how these policies had affected property investors on a micro- and macro- level; and surmising with
    • What can New Zealand learn from these foreign markets

    Diversification strategies that complement your overall wealth plan

    The next logical question then becomes In light of current market conditions, how can your wealth creation plan continue uninterrupted. Surely the last thing you want is to become stagnant because the property market is, for the time being, trickier than usual. ANZ Chief Investment Officer Graham Ansell offers a diversification as a solution. Specifically, you will hear about different diversification options that complement a property portfolio that advance, rather than detract, you from your ultimate goal of becoming financially free.
    Specific talking points include:

    • Viable investment options for investors from the three key phases of investment - beginning (equity and cash poor), intermediate (equity rich cash poor), and advanced (equity and cash rich);
    • Long and short term projected outcomes for all of these options and how to compare to a dedicated property portfolio;
    • How can investors utilise the equity and return in other assets to ultimately re-transition back into the property market when conditions slow down/prices drop

    The overarching purpose of this event is to facilitate learning from more developed markets and encourage broader thinking for wealth creation without losing sight of your ultimate interest and preference in property.

    Also at this event: Mitre10 Heating & Insulation Expo

    Come along to the expo at 6.30pm to enjoy some great winter heating deals!


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