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    I might have had a recommendation for somebody to talk to, don't worry about it then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HPM View Post
    I might have had a recommendation for somebody to talk to, don't worry about it then.
    Sorry I didnt mean it to sound like that. I was meaning does geographical location differ the price?
    "Remember, people will judge you by your actions,not your intentions.You may have a heart of gold -but so does a hard-boiled egg".

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    @Frezzinghot what did you do in the end? And cost?
    The un-upgraded unit attached to me has tested positive for asbestos ceiling (popcorn) and it's flaking. The tenants had just moved in and have baby too and discovered it so have moved out, poor things - and annoying as they were perfect neighbours. I'm not sure if the landlord has a plan. How effective is painting over it if it is loose flaking does anyone know? Again i guess is specialist work to give opinion.

    If it removed should I expect to be informed so can close my windows?! I'll be really interested to see what happens there next. If it gets re-rented like that - that's not on?

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    I've just had an asbestos fence removed (in Auckland) and Union Demolition was by far the cheapest.

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    I've always had very good interactions with the below guy. Very knowledgeable, helpful and happy to share info. not pushy and seems to know his trade.

    Protectus.co.nz Josh Barry

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