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    Red face Valuer and Quantity Surveyor

    Hi All

    I need some advice please, on behalf of a family memeber, regarding a situation that has arisen when they enlisted the services of a valuer recently. They needed a valuation of their PPOR in order to obtain further finance for some improvements they have in mind for the place. The valuer has asked them for the information they had from a QS they had recently done on their PPOR. Is it okay to give the valuer this information? Presumably both parties are in effect working for my family member so I thought it shouldn't be an issue but just wanted to make sure.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Tricky one actually. The valuer shouldn't need it at all and if you got the work done cheaply it could lower the valuation so I wouldnt give it to him if it were me unless the work was expensive.

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    Thanks for your advice Bob!


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