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    Default Insulation and minor reno

    Just received an email from tenancy services regarding recent changes of the T ACT on insulation.

    Has anyone have any recommendations for any firms out there and idea on cost m2 for 2 bdrm unit in Papatoetoe. Concrete floor and tiled roof.

    I will be undertaking a minor reno and general tidy up in the process before letting out again. Also looking for places I can get a reasonable priced new kitchen and ranch slider in place of a garage door as its damaged. If you know a good tradesman let me know thanks.

    Also what will be the best way to tackle this in between tenancies?

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    Concrete floor is exempted from insulation requirements.

    Also see this thread -


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    I got a well-priced flatpack kitchen online at uduit. Others here have used them too.
    My blog. From personal experience.

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    You should know when your tenant will be moving out well in advance, so just book people to come in and do the work after that and allow some time before advertising for rent (or advertise but say that the work will need to be done).
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