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    Default Residents of flooded Auckland building feel abandoned

    "Residents at a block of West Auckland flats that flooded at the weekend say they feel abandoned by their property owner and need more help."


    Poor little snowflake needs help from mummy or daddy landlord to get to work and wash his clothes. He has clearly never heard of car insurance either.

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    Total lack of empathy Michael - I'm surprised.

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    This sort of landloards gives everybody the bad name.. I had one of my places flooded due to blocked pipe and I was on my knees with a rug doctor cleaning her up as couldn't get any carpet cleaners to do it quickly enough. Job done.. no smell dired out the next day.

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    Is the landlord evil or the tenant?

    Or the weather?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne View Post
    Total lack of empathy Michael - I'm surprised.
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    Sounds like the tenants didn't have insurance, to me. That means I don't have a lot of sympathy. Also the expectation that the council or govt should help. Ummm, no. Stand on your own two feet. When sh!t happens, find a solution.

    But I am puzzled as to what they think the landlord should be doing in this situation. Their main gripe seems to be that they have nowhere to put their furniture. Surely it's not the landlord's job to provide storage space?
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