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    Default 1 home every 77 seconds needs 400,000 workers hired every year

    Wow to meet housing demand Britain needs hire a worker in the industry every 77 seconds for the next 5 years. Brexit isn't going to help when it's done and dusted. They're okay for 2 years while they're still in the EU but what happens after that?



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    It’s easy to look back at the time you sold your home thinking “I wish I’d done that differently” or “Why didn’t I make things easy for myself?” Perhaps you didn’t sell your house fast enough, or got stuck in a bad chain. Either way, you’re not alone: did you know that only half the properties on the market last year actually sold?

    Common mistakes
    Many people decline their first – or even first few – offers in the hope they’ll end up achieving more. Apparently 75% of sellers who are struggling to sell their homes regret rejecting those initial offers and would now gladly accept them.

    The appeal of brand new
    Do you know when a property is most desirable? The first few weeks it’s on the market. Buyers are looking for something new and when they see it, they’re more likely to pounce. This is the time they’re most likely to give you their best offer too, so why wait around? Once all the long-searching buyers have seen your house online, they’ll move onto the next newest thing: so it’ll only be the new buyers who get shown around, putting you in a bad position.

    If your home hasn’t sold yet, perhaps you should think aboutselling your house fast for cash? You’ll get an offer close to the market value and could be done and dusted in a matter of weeks.

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    It's similar all over Europe, unfortunately. and the prices are really high, too.


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