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    Default My experience in house hunting

    After 2 month of looking I would like to share my experience which I think may be valuable for some one who in same budget looking.
    I was looking for family house to live in within the normal family budget of 700 to 730K

    As living in east try to find anything withing this range the mission is impossible houses are overpriced for only 2 reasons safety and good schools only find houses that with issues such as divided house in shared land and with 2 bedroom and the third room is only a study and they call it room

    Moved to search in Papakura good land and house but no proper primary or secondary school plus you need a dog and security system to protect your self from dally robbers Only Conifer grove and you pay for this and extra 200K

    Moved to look in pukekohe extremely far 40K to the city and around 2 hour transportation gets good schools but you again pay for this around 50K extra than average house also the house price there is same like Auckland and more expensive than Papakura.

    Moved to look in Pamure or Mt willington great area close to city but not suitable for family with kids lots of state house that clearly not as home owners no proper school also safety issues .

    * Many investors are trying to sell to the gain profit after exactly 2 years of buying the house some of them are rented and it shows the owner occupied seems alot of games going on also noticed many get a loan of 80% for investment and he did not own a house.

    *No serious sellers most of sellers they wants either to sell in min 20K above the last sell price in his nearby house.

    * Many houses went to auction and did not sell

    *Home owners expectation are too high to met specially when the house in good condition is overpriced.

    *You pay for the failure of the government to provide safety to community against robbers who they help they encourage be bringing more and more form overseas to stay in state houses.

    *As we all pay the same tax amount I guess it is not fair system some one who lives in bad area of school and with robbers around him everywhere to pay the same amount that is not fair.

    *Government is the main cause of home overpriced issued by not working in other areas to balance the service.

    *The issue will keep escalating and going on as long as no social and transportation development to other areas.

    *New houses are also very expensive due to extremely costly regulation form the council, building material that is costly than any other country and the land price.

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    What u have described is probably true for anywhere in the world. Better area = expensive. But I dont understand how u came up with those conclusions based on ur experience.

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    No not always in Egypt for example where I came from all government school same level and you may find good public school in poor area

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    Quote Originally Posted by khaled_Eid View Post
    No not always in Egypt for example where I came from all government school same level and you may find good public school in poor area
    Yes, everything you said is true.
    I enjoy your fresh look at what we have become blind to.

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    Mc Duck
    I should have added monolithic cladding building are hard to sell and not many people can buy they are still not cheaper than others unless they have some cracks.
    I noticed also lack of maintenance if some one own a car for few dollars he would care more than a house who live in

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    There seems to be a lot of criticism of the government in your post, perhaps with your experience with Egypt you could compare what you're seeing in NZ vs. your experience in Egypt and tell us what NZ could be doing better?

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    Same Answer as below the post to share the experience I find may for someone who may interest not to compare because a lot of diversion between both just wants to mention that spreading of good school will benefit residents in other areas .

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    Quote Originally Posted by khaled_Eid View Post
    No not always in Egypt for example where I came from all government school same level and you may find good public school in poor area
    Hi, i am not familiar with egypt's system. Is it a communist country? can you explain how they achieve it? Btw, i dont think in nz, people in the poor area pay the same tax, they usually pay less as they earn less.

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    Egypt was a kingdom and then army took over and change to republic the education system is there is very strict they focus more in theoretical than here and math is quite similar to Chinese system they teach English as second language and french lots of home work and heavy punishment for who do not do it or do not attend may cause severe injury
    The teachers are all in good level and you find not much difference from one school to another in teaching students achieve high grade in public school more than private ones. Honestly depends on the student himself.
    For Tax If I earn 60K I pay the same tax any where I live but I gain good school and safety if I pay more rent else you loose anything you left unattended and have your kids rise in decile 1

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    The Egyptian government is better than NZ's? Oh yeah? Mubarak? The military junta that are now in place?

    Egypt safer than Auckland? I doubt it.


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