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    Smile Who are the best PMs in Pukekohe?

    Hi I have a property in Pukekohe which is being managed by a large reputable company, but I'm pretty unsatisfied with them.
    The first tenants I had were pretty good. Young family, kept the property well and always paid the rent. Unfortunately they had to move because of family circumstances. They were not happy with the managers however and complained to me about them.
    Next they tried to install an unemployed single mum, 18 years old with a 2 year old son. They had a new letting manager at the time, who believed strongly in social justice, methinks. Because when I expressed doubts about her ability to pay the rent, I was told - She is an intelligent girl, and if she feels she can pay, do we have the right to question her? Well I felt I did have the right and put my foot down.
    So next they produced a single lady, who though unemployed, had just got a huge inheritance from her mum, and as they highly recommended her I agreed. The inheritance must have run out because after a few months, she stopped paying and moreover kept the property in a filthy condition and caused a fair bit of damage too. We eventually evicted her but she left a good bit of her stuff behind, which filled up the garage, for which they launched another case to get possession (as she still owed money).
    I insisted on choosing the next tenant and though they first produced another single mum, eventually we got a very nice family, with the husband working. We reduced the rent because the garage was occupied. After a few months, recently, they suddenly billed me for 360 dollars. When questioned they said it was for emptying the garage, which had some pretty nice stuff in it, which I could have sold or given to the Salvation Army for free most probably. Then despite emptying the garage they took 6 weeks to hand it over to the tenants and start charging the new rent.
    A couple of days ago I went there to give the new tenants a Christmas present and they were complaining bitterly about them.
    Could someone recommend a good property broker in that area. I am not sure what the procedure is for terminating my contract with the present ones.
    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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