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    Quote Originally Posted by McDuck View Post
    I see social media forming a new global consciousness, particularly in the moral sense
    Whose morals?

    The tolerate everything, criticize nothing morals of the liberal left or the tolerate nothing, smash everything different morals of the conservative right?

    The dilemma as I see it is you get a mixture of both - e.g. a Professor expresses an opinion on LGBT rights and is forced to depart because the weight of facebook opinion is against her.

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    I think computers and robots will result in greater job losses.
    News will no longer be believed at face value - we will start to question the source and what is true.
    The haves and have nots will grow further apart.
    The economy may crash again and the spending will slow down.
    More tenants will look to co-share
    I do think people will realise that they are global citizens and many boundaries will blur regarding where we live and work.
    Maybe social media WILL help us be more aware of those who need help and more people do the right thing.

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    Sadly I can't see the last one happeneing since we can't agree on what the right thing is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cube View Post
    Whose morals?

    The tolerate everything, criticize nothing morals of the liberal left or the tolerate nothing, smash everything different morals of the conservative right?

    The dilemma as I see it is you get a mixture of both - e.g. a Professor expresses an opinion on LGBT rights and is forced to depart because the weight of facebook opinion is against her.
    Well there are many ways to group people in this world.
    Left vs Right is just one system of grouping.
    Horriscopes another, or even the early Greek fluid system of ruddy vs choleric.
    There are extroverts vs introverts, and the lists go on.

    I like the seven deadly sins model.
    Noting that righties accuse lefties of sloth, while lefties accuse righties of most of the other ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosco View Post
    Rest of country - I think has over peaked. I think everyone has got greedy watching Auckland, and gambled. When the fundamentals of population growth and rent increases don't happen to the degree needed, the prices rises will stall. Then if interest rates go up, some investors especially will be forced to sell in next 1-3 years. So I predict Hamilton and Tauranga down 5-10% in 2017. Rest of the country to stall, basically flat year, and might go down if jumped too much in 2015 and 2016.

    Hi Ross,

    I wonder what your thoughts are on Hamilton Industrial property - I believe you are in the thick of it down there?

    We hear talk of an 'Auckland Halo effect' and then talk of the 'Golden Triangle' of AKL>HAM>TGA where something like 50% of the NZ population are located.

    And then the future Ruakura development.

    Seems like the Hamilton Industrial precincts could be an alternative to Silverdale/Penrose/Mt Wellington etc, which is worth investigating.

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    So rent rises for Auckland, 5-8% rise in property values. More housing projects cancelled or deferred thru lack of finance. Many more retirement village units built adding to the house supply market. Never accounted for in house sales so sales figures continue to be considerably less than actual "house' sales. Roads continue to be congested in Auckland driving many to the provinces as more world refugees arrive with much money. Those refugees being either Kiwi's, Brits or Scots or from the USA.
    Large Chinese construction companies move into the house construction market as they have no need for finance. More shoddy building work in Auckland.

    Most provincial centres will see a 10-12% rise in values and more emigrants from Auckland and Tauranga as people move for better lifestyle.
    Diary continues to recover and return to profitability which will see a rise in the prices at beach resorts. Other forms of farming will also prosper. Timber may continue with tough pricing depending on the home building in the USA.

    Wellington and many other towns will see a lot more buildings destroyed because of earthquake issues. Many not replaced and owners in strife.

    Generally our economy will be good boosted by 4 million tourists spending up here. Create spending in camp grounds and places to visit and stay.

    Worry about Bill and if he has the excitement to lead NZer's to battle. No doubt has a less agreeing streak than Key which he has already demonstrated. Worry to that he is not a person of idea's but see the Nats back in Govt. possibly with Winnie the Pooh as a string along. As Dunne has already said he is standing. Hope that one of them takes him out but his area seems to like him.

    More concerned about next year than this one.

    Our relations with Aussie are getting rather disparate so expect more crap from their pollies and more Kiwi's coming home. Their economy is not flash and their housing construction market is slowing so that will have an effect on our exports there.

    USA. Think Trump will be a lot like Sir Roger and make some serious changes to their company tax laws and tax all those snowflake entertainment types who earn a lot but pay little tax whist socking it to the rust belt man and woman. Trump is determined to tackle their old infrastructure and that will boost their economy. To do that he will have to tackle their budgets and he is installing some tough people for that. It seems that he will stand up for the USA and its people as just today Cruz told the Chinese that they would receive any visitor they chose and not who the Chinese want them to speak to. (all about Taiwan. )

    Obama to be finally outed for what he is.

    Trump to cut financing to the UN and giving them an ultimatum to leave.

    Trump to pull American forces from the East and possibly some of Europe.

    He is also interesting on Russia. when you look at history Russia has been invaded by Britain, France a number of times, Germany a number of times and except for after WW@ has not really gone far outside its iwn borders. This latest stouch was caused by Nato (Germany) wanting to plonk missiles on its border in the Ukraine. Naturally Russia decided that wasn't going to be.and who can blame them.
    So look for the USA to work more closely with Russia which will also help us when Mfat finally get their shit together and the two to have a sterner attitude towards China.

    China to move further into free markets via the internet. NZ to sell more product that way.

    May will enable Brexit. She has no choice and has said so. Talking to young Frenchman today who says there is lot of talk in France of them leaving as well. But with the French who knows.
    Unemployment in Europe to go higher leaving lots of angry young men.

    Interest rates in NZ to settle back after February. Our dollar to settle a bit, maybe fall if the American economy rises and it looks that way with the Dow now at close to 20000. Their business people appear to be confidant.

    If our dollar falls then expect our economy to continue up with better returns for our tourism and our exports.

    Wages to rise more this year. govt. not to change taxes but may signal a bracket shift and will spend more as the tax take increases. won't pay off much debt.

    House construction costs will not get better and neither will council charges.

    More Kiwi's will retire. Unemployment is changing in nature. Many more people going from job to job in to jobs of short term.

    Simon Bridges will throw a bit more pork barrel money around to make sure he is elected. Throwing a lot more Tauranga way will be excellent.

    Air NZ will abandon more provinces this year leaving them as an international carrier with main trunk services. Been their game for years.

    Zero will have another year with no profit but the leaders will sucker in others to buy up large.

    Phil Goff will make a difference to Auckland.

    Morgan will continue in his own inane way.
    At least he creates a discussion.

    Prices to rise slowly but inflation to stay below 2% and the RBNZ to continue to be completely flummoxed with the economy. Its the economy stupid.
    Banks to wonder what they have been doing this last 4 or 5 months when nothing goes wrong. They will face more and more competition from the new financial processors including offshore.

    That will do for now. Have a great year and look out for the opportunities that are coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viking View Post
    Air NZ will abandon more provinces this year leaving them as an international carrier with main trunk services.
    The reason they are there is because the provinces are (I think) call feeders, for their international flights. I suspect that's why they have controlling interests in Air Nelson, Mt Cook and Eagle Air. A trend I've noticed is more international travel promotional price fares include domestic travel. What I'd like to see is a flat rate charge for feeder travel. It has already happened, with some promotions. I.e. International travel from WLG, CHC and AKL will include return feeder route travel for $100 extra, no matter where from.

    Quote Originally Posted by Viking View Post
    Phil Goff will make a difference to Auckland.
    The burning question - of course - is what sort of difference.

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    Trump in
    rates up up and away


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