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    Default Wall Mounted Ventilation System

    Does anyone have any experience or advice on the effectiveness of Wall Mounted Ventilation Systems?

    Our PPOR has a flat roof (no cavity) so we do not have any options for the standard HRV/DVS-type positive pressure ventilation systems. Today I received an email from DVS introducing their Wall Mounted Ventilation System, which appears to be a Mitsubish Electric VL-100(E)U5-E or VL-100E. (I wanted to post some links for easier reference but the forum wouldn't allow me to)

    I guess what I'm interested in is whether or not say 3 of these wall mounted systems could push out all the stale air in a relatively large 2-story house and keep it dry (and therefore healthier hopefully!).

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    I have asked the Unovent guy this very question.

    No they don't have one.

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    Hi Shoyu, can you please send me a personal message with links to what DVS sent you? I am also looking for a wall mounted solution. Thanks.

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    Hi Judge, personal message sent (though I'm not sure if it was actually sent as the forum said I can only PM staff until my post count is 10)... let me know

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    If it's the Mitsubishi Lossnay unit that has been around for at least 5 years as I used to sell them.
    Still have to have ducting running to the rooms so no good retrofitting 2 storied house or mono pitch.
    I too would like a heat pump and ventilation system for a 2 storied house with mono pitch roof, ours can be ducted underneath and come up through the ground floor as house on piles. If anyone knows of a system like that let me know.

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    It's quite obvious from the specs googled by model numbers that the system doesn't have any ducts and is obviously suitable, and will probably provide a good solution as it even has a heat exchanger in each unit.

    I don't think it will be cheap. It costs equal to about $500NZD in Europe (per room), so I guess will be twice more expensive here in NZ, plus installation, plus GST...

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    Actually I have been quoted four times that amount over the phone. I hope to hear more from the company soon.

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    Unovent has an option. Give them a call. Maybe they have it on website by now

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    Hi , I am having a property built later this year, with a mono pitch roof. Have you come across a German company called Wolf, they sell a really neat looking system that fits though a wall. It is available in NZ for about $4500. I am sorry I do not have the number handy at the moment, I know that a few tiny homes have used it,.


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