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    Default Tackling Immigration - NZ is closed

    Hi all,

    I've been thinking about the similarities between the negative sentiment of the impact of immigrants on the UK - hence Brexit and also in the USA hence rise of Trump.

    Is NZ following down the same slippery slope? Interesting all this talk about 'tackling immigration'. While we're talking just about it's impact on houses will the sentiment spread to other reasons why we need to stop people coming in? And will there be a rogue politician or party jumping on the scene in time for next years Election?


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    Crime Donna,
    the nature of Melbourne is changing as more refugees / immigrants arrive, and those with an "African" / "Middle Eastern" attitude to life begin to take hold.

    While we (in NZ) are letting in lots of Asians, most are skilled and / or have money so generally tend to be self supporting and have a good work ethic. Their attitude to others is also generally pretty good in my experience.

    Should the immigrant balance tilt more towards refugees from areas long torn apart by war / those with a totally different mindset, I predict violent crime / rapes / street violence will become more prevalent as has happened in Melbourne, where a bunch of disaffected, generally dark skinned unemployed/ unemployble have been terrorising the city.

    It is a shame, because so many genuine refugees come to Aus / NZ to make their lives better, so focus on rebuilding their lives, but with them also come the bad.

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    I think immigration levels have highlighted how inefficient our housing situation is. To restrict immigration instead of solving the underlying causes doesn't solve much IMO and it means NZ misses out on a future asset (the hard working children of the immigrants).
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    Well if you read the analysis of the effects of immigration on your standard of living and the effect on NZ as a whole then we would have to say that we are worse off then ever. It's demonstrably true. Our wgae raes are affected, our tax is affected, our interest rates are affected and our dollar is driven high as well.
    Go read;

    and go back and start at the beginning for a good understanding of what is happening to NZ and why we are on a track to poordom. Micheal writes in a way the most can understand.

    Just think, for the last 40+ years we have been exhorted to export etc etc and we have but in reality we have gone backwards from being in the top 5 countries in the world to way down in the 20's.
    Now I know you only know the reality as it applies to you, being older gives a longer perspective, but it is actually a good idea to learn from history.

    Repeating policy that failed in the past and actually makes NZ no better off just because their is a lack of proper thought is foolish but unfortunately is typical National Party stuff.

    The goal of Govt. and the RBNZ should be to help to make NZ a happy, wealthy place where we thrive and are able to be successful in what ever form that is so long as your actions don't impinge on other peoples rights to do the same.

    Do we have that? HELL NO.
    Our police force can now shoot anyone with impunity given their assessment at any given moment.

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    Amen to that, Wayne. Most all of it.
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    America is not a reasonable comparison as America literally couldn't run without the Mexicans. So there is much more bark than bite here, Conversely Britain and France and now Germany are so muslimised they are stuffed.

    It's hard to imagine either scenario here but I guess anything is possible.
    I was thinking today that once the boomers start retiring in greater numbers we will be very sorry if we close our doors. So many of us are working longer than the impact of that generations retirement and death hasn't really kicked in yet. But it's going to start happening soon. THEN we will be SCREAMING for immigrants.


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