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    Aug 2014


    The latest saga is the cleaners turned up today and the little toads have broken into the house to remove the rest of their stuff that they couldn't be bothered taking in the 48 hours notice to vacate. The PM thinks we should be able to get about $20 per week out of the beneficiary and about $100 per week out of the employed one...so hopefully we will get the money back in time...what a saga!!

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    At least that's less stuff to clear up.

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    After the break-in damage is fixed - of course.
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    Apparently the little toads have just been enlightened to the fact they are also going to be chased for a clean up bill that is going to triple what they owe. PM said he got quite billigerant and said he shouldn't have to pay as we only have him 48 hours to vacate. Perhaps they should have cleaned up while they were breaking in to collect the rest of their belongings little brats. At least one of the insurance companies has started to play ball however, and we should get a partial payment of lost rent to date soon...now to get the other company to play ball and fix the house damage...sigh 😠😠

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    Other company?

    Why two companies? IMHO that only causes grief when the lines of cover are debatable.

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    We decided to use a different company for loss of rent because our companies landlord insurance only covers loss of rent from the eviction date and doesn't let you keep your bond...will look at changing once this saga is done as I suspect they would be moving faster if it were the one company paying for both losses!


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