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    Default Unconsented basement

    Hi, can i have opinion please ...

    I'm looking at one property, the living quarter is at the first floor. Current owner is making an unconsented bathroom and bedroom at the ground floor.

    I can see the possibility to create granny/rumpus on the unconsented ground floor.

    Since I never done this kind of work before, any idea how much is the cost to get the current work consented and the steps to make it a granny flat/rumpus?


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    Apr 2016


    Impossible to say you need to get someone to look at the property and talk to council.

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    what part of the country are you?

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    I'm living in auckland. The property in interest is at south auckland

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    make the vender get a COA for his work

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    Jun 2004


    Are you looking at buying this?
    Has the current owner done this already or are they doing it now - then selling?


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