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    Default Regulations on Minor dwelling in Christchurch


    I am interested in finding out more about adding a minor dwelling for existing properties in Christchurch. I browsed CCC's website, I did not find much useful information about it (maybe I didn't search hard enough).

    Can someone who's familiar with this point me to where I can find information? I heard in Christchurch, MDs can only be occupied by relatives so they cannot be rented out? This is true?

    Also, where can I find zoning information about a property? Is there a search tool or map I can use to find the zoning of a property of interest?

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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    Try calling the council and speaking directly to a planner, they're surprisingly helpful.


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    Search the CCC website for the phrase "family flat" thats what council calls them. I looked into this also a while back but from memory it worked out a lot more costly than just extending your house. Of course it allows you to put in a kitchen but yes you are correct it must be occupied by a family member. If it's not you have to remove said kitchen. If you're just looking for something to rent out buy a unit or build a small house on a small section. Cheap in christchurch at the moment.


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