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    Default information needed !

    I need a help to apply for a affordable property in Australia. Actually, i am doing graduation in some reputed University in India & want to go Australia to complete my research on my topic but am not sure about the place to visit & reside as few parts are very expensive & out of my reach. I searched on internet & found microburbs site (microburbs(dot)com(dot)au) which have very unique & useful data but still need more information about it to plan better. Best preferable chances to apply for the same would be around Oct'16.... Hoping positive guidance on my issue.... Regards !

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    best thing I can suggest is start at realestate.com.au but to be honest it really depends on what you consider affordable and where you want to stay.

    there are a few sites out there you can look at but really most of them should be similar in price unless you find someone to share with- try gumtree.com.au in this case but they are more offen private options which might fall through if you are applying from overseas.



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