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    Default Carpet cleaning during current tenancy?

    This sounds like a regular question but I could not find an answer here. Is there a remedial work request form for the tenant to undertake regular maintenance during his tenancy period?

    Recently inspected the rental property and discovered the carpet appeared to be not vacuumed / cleaned at all in the last year or so. Have asked the tenant to contact a cleaner but felt the reluctance. What are the actions I can take further?

    The tenancy is on 'casual basis' btw.

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    What's a "casual basis"?

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    Presumably periodic.

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    Issue a notice to fix and tell them to sort the carpet.
    It may not need a commercial clean - see what they come up with and take it from there.

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    Hi T&C

    You can't legally require a tenant to be responsible for maintenance and the upkeep for the property as that is the landlords responsibilty. However if there are damages to the property then you can get the tenant to remedy.

    Start off with an informal chat and go back in a months time to check up on it.....if it hasn't been rectified then get formal and send a 14 day notice to remedy

    Hope that helps
    Fraser Wilkinson
    Wellington / Lower Hutt / Upper Hutt / Porirua


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