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    Lightbulb Garage conversion to 2 bedroom house

    I have checked this site a few times and just signed up so I can ask my own questions now!

    I have a two bedroom garage with a sleepout - was built in 2008. Also on the property is a detached 3 bedroom house. But I want to convert the sleepout/double garage into a two bedroom house. The layout is pretty good, just need to add a kitchen (bathroom already there). One half of the garage would become two bedrooms. We could also do internal access to the garage which would become a single garage. Wanting to tick council boxes so will get a draftsperson to do the plans. My husband is an apprentice builder so hoping to do some of this work ourselves. Would get a master builder (mate) to be in charge of the build.

    Has anyone done this and is it worth it? - what are ballpark costs? We would rent them both out separately (or live in one, rent the other). It does concern me a little that we would be converting a family home into two houses which perhaps only investors would be looking for upon selling. May reduce sale price??

    There would be a fence between the houses and we could look to build a second garage or carport for the three bedroom house... but again, more cost. I reckon we would be looking at renting the three bedroom for $360ish and the other for $260ish.

    Any advice would be great.

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    Check with the council what would be allowed for a conversion - it may not be possible to create a 2nd dwelling.
    That's where I'd start.
    It may be possible to subdivide then you don't have the 'investor only' potential issue.
    After that run some numbers - cost to complete the project v's projected income and value.


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