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    I like Linwood, have a few properties there. It's such a spreadout suburb though . I don't really like the area in the eastern part. as for the agent, change agent... would love to know who they are ^^

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    "Hi Orkibi, answers in red italics below, thanks"

    Hi judos
    I saw Orkbi's reply and your response and wondered why so many questions to your post initially. Seems Orkibi has own issues to deal with - not yours.

    I agree with Charlotte and Jimo. Alternatively, you could challenge them, ask them for current stats and unless they can justify their claim, ditch them.

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    The questions Erinak to find out if its a deal and if it was of any interest to me?

    What do you mean "Seems Orkibi has own issues to deal with - not yours." ?
    how did you establish that i have an issue with the deal??
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    I found Joe Laing at Mike Pero to be fantastic to deal with when I was selling my Richmond, Christchurch unit last year. He brought me a generous offer from an investor without even marketing the property. Mike Pero's commission fees are also cheaper than most, but not so cheap that they don't put any effort in....

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    That's great to know Simon. Cheers for that.


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