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    Default Present and future challenges facing property investors - an update and a response

    Presentation by Peter Lewis, Auckland Property Investors' Association
    ANZ Home Centre, Westfield Albany, Use the New World entrance
    17th February 2016

    Doors open 6.30pm
    Doors close 7.00pm

    A closer look at the big ticket issues facing property investors

    The overarching theme for 2015 is perhaps best surmised as change and uncertainty. Now more so than ever before the property investment industry is becoming more and more regulated and therefore pushing investors to re-examine their strategies. So what are the particular challenges facing Auckland investors and what are the APIA and NZPIF doing about it on your behalf? What are the key changes you need to be mindful of when you prepare for your 2016 investment strategy?

    Peter Lewis is a full time landlord as well as an active board member of the Auckland Property Investors' Association and the New Zealand Property Investors' Federation. Having been heavily involved in local as well as national lobby efforts to further the interests of property investors, Peter is well versed with incoming and potential policy challenges which have the potential of changing the course of your investment journey. At this presentation, you will be invited to take a step back to look at the macro-environment that is facing property investors.

    Peter will give you a summary and background understanding of the major policy changes such as minimum standards and financing rules, the policy reasonings and how investors can respond positively to them. Having been involved in an ongoing conversation with the MBIE regarding the finer details of minimum standards, Peter will give you an update on where the regulations are likely to head towards. Peter is also actively involved in representing APIA members on media matters as well as that of the splitting of individual water bills to which he will also report on at this presentation.

    An APIA members-only event



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