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    Default new build or 2nd hand house on subdivided site?

    We're in New Lynn and are subdividing our residential property and will sell the front section & house once it's completed.
    We've noticed that most other residential properties that are being subdivided (certainly around our area) are having new builds on them, but at a rough calculation it seemed like we'd get more profit from putting a 2nd hand house on the site.
    Would be keen for any observations / comments from anyone who has done this.
    Perhaps there are major disadvantages to moving a 2nd hand house onto a site that we haven't taken into account?
    Obviously there's a fixed cost aspect to a new build and we could build something that perhaps maximised the footprint on the site rather than waiting to find a 2nd hand house that was the right size, shape and condition, as well as having to deal with the cost unknown's of renovating the 2nd hand house.

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