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    Sep 2014
    South Canterbury


    And who would want to be living in Wellington when that one hits if it goes near the northern end of the South Island? At least CHCH has plenty of roads out of it

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    Sep 2008


    your house could easily not get hit in the next 50 years

    can't say the same about insurance premiums
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    It starts. Still under what was there before the quake but as leases wind up I think the central city will start to fill up.

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    Sep 2014
    South Canterbury


    Absolute waste of time (and ridiculous gov't policy to send gov't departments back there) to put offices back into former CBD. CBD was dying for decades pre-earthquake and no reason rebuild as it was, talk about living in the past but wouldn't expect anything less for the "visionaries" in charge o the rebuild. Retail had been dying for the past twenty years in the CBD as it headed to the suburban malls, will sending office workers back there save/reinvent a dinosaur from the past? Doubtful.

    The whole business hub/ CBD should be heading west on the main arterials around the airport where the land is firm, not rebuilding on the swamps & streams around the Avon.


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    Mar 2016

    Default My prediction

    Quote Originally Posted by elguapo View Post
    There won't be any.
    Ah yes,this sounds like all the nay sayers when I started buying in Manurewa back in 2011, then I started in Hamilton in 2012 then I bought 2 in Wellington in 2013 can you guess were Im buying now?...its the old saying be greedy when others are fearfull and fearfull when others are greedy..my pention started at 40 Bill

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    Here's a screenshot of Christchurch median projections (as of 2013)

    By how many houses does ChCh have too many? 1,000? That absorbs a population of 2,500 people? Which is about 1 - 1.5 years of pop growth? Recall that it takes about that long to go from scratch to completed house (including land prep) so unless people simply don't show up we could be back to ChCh not having enough homes by late 2018.

    What am I missing?
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    Sound reasoning, interested to hear what others have to say on this

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    Jan 2011


    a year on nothing has changed, the market is still flat.


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