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    Default Property purchase at this time of the year!

    A merry Xmas to all!
    I have an opportunity to buy a property for a good price BUT in terms of working days for my solicitor to check the title etc etc at this time of the year it will be a long time as my lawyer doesn't return till 23 January and a quick sale is required by the vendor. Any advice out there?

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    council have pretty much shut down too

    hard to make sure all t's crossed and i's dotted

    high risk
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Legally the time between the 24th December and 5th January inclusive don't count as working days and then you just change the length of the relevant clauses so that your solicitor will be available.

    You could go to someone else to do the conveyencing work.

    We have found that just pre Christmas is a great time to buy and very poor to sell.

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    Find a lawyer who is back earlier and make settlement date: "As soon as clear title is confirmed by both parties lawyers"

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    Can you put in an offer that is not dependent on finance?

    You can probably get a builder to check it out at this time of year. So then if your only clause is legal checks the seller will be more confident?


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